Traceroute to

This trace was started on 10.01.2010 16:28:13. The host '' has been found, and is reachable in 5 hops. Also, it responded to HTTP requests on port 80 (it is running server micro_httpd, which responded in 90ms). However, some hops along the route fail to respond to us - these problems appear to begin in network '[Local Network]' at hop 2. The TTL value of packets received from it is 64.
In general, hops in this route respond slowly (over 5775ms on average). The route is slow from the very beginning, indicating a particularly slow Internet connection or serious problems with your ISP or at your organization. The DNS lookup was completed almost instantaneously (less than 2ms - this may be the result of caching).
HopsLossIPNameLocationTzoneAvg msMin msMax msNetwork
00192.168.1.6---0.000[Local Network]
327192.168.1.1---6713.3945648693[Local Network]
450192.168.1.1---8237.082378237[Local Network]
550192.168.1.1---8157.081578157[Local Network]